Renovations – Episode 2

I completed the trwo-foot- wide tower unit for the master bedroom closet and put it in place.  The next step is to install the clothes rods and make the adjustable shelf brackets for the unit.  Then we can move our clothes for our future bathroom into the closet and actually start building the bathroom.

Couples who embark on renovations to their house face monumental challenges.  I know my wife and I have.  For example, what color do you stain the closet storage units?  Or, what kind of hardware is to be used on the drawers and doors?  What will be the configuration of the clothes rods?  How high are the rods located?  What kind of doors will cover the closet?  All of this for a simple closet.  Well, maybe it’s not so simple, but ye gods!  How difficult can it be?

My wife and I see eye to eye, sometimes, and not so much at other times; but we eventually come to a compromise.  I’m, hoping I can get the closet rods installed this week and move our clothes into their new home.  Then, I can start leveling the floor of the new master bathroom.

Yes, the floor is not level.  Well, in building a log house, it’s customary to keep things aligned with the horizontal joints of the logs.  The thing is that the logs don’t always lay in perfectly horizontal lines.  Or it could have been that I just missed a measurement when I put up the second-floor beams.  I have pushed that problem out my mind, because I really don’t want to know.  Any more strikes against my ego at this point might be disastrous.

I plan to build up the low portion of the floor with plywood, prime it, then cover it all with leveling compound.  But first, I’ll have to modify the closet door at the end of the room by cutting about an inch from the bottom so it will clear the new floor line.  Like I said, one thing always leads to another.

I’ll let you know how the floor come out.

About marc cullison

Writer and retired college instructor, math and science. I write and read as much as I can. I am also working on my log house. So much to do.
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