Renovations – Episode 7

Wow!  Busy, busy, busy.  Drywall in the master bath is complete and painted.  All of the trim is up.  Vanities are in place.  We are waiting to finish them, because we don’t know if we want to paint them or stain them.  The marble guy is coming Wednesday to measure for the vanity top.  It’s an L-shaped affair with two sinks.  He told us he could make one in one piece.  Once that’s in place, I can install the vanity lights (centered over the sinks) and the mirrors.

I am planning materials for the overhead beams.  I will make box beams out of 3/4″ stock.  I found a router bit that will shape the edges to lock together, making a seamless corner.  I can’t wait to try it out.

That just leaves the shower tiles.  We ordered the tile from Lowe’s.  Apparently, they have issues with the distribution center.  A partial order of 1/3 of the tiles came in and we picked that up.  Then they called and said the mosaic tile was in, so we picked that up.  Now we wait.  I’m darned sure not going to start anything until we have ALL of the tile in house.  Just my luck, I’ll get what we have and Lowe’s will call and tell us then can’t get the rest off it.  I usually trust Lowe’s, but I understand that sometimes there are problems acquiring inventory.  I’ll cut them some slack because they have been very good to us.

Anyway, the wife is getting optimistic and that makes me happy.

About marc cullison

Writer and retired college instructor, math and science. I write and read as much as I can. I am also working on my log house. So much to do.
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